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With a background in media psychology, I'm an international awardwinning writer / director who specializes in creating unique visual stories for both creative and commercial purposes with a focus on crossmedia. Here's a selection of projects I'm proud to have worked on.

Hunter Street - Season 4

Slet van 6 VWO (The School Slut) Season 4

Vakkenvullers (Stockers) - Season 3

Herres (Chaos)


Hunter Street - Season 3

The Ludwigs - Season 5

Sas heeft een Soa (Sasha and her STD) - Pilot

Bad Influencer

Vakkenvullers (Stockers) - Season 2

The Ludwigs - Season 4

Slet van 6 VWO (The School Slut) Season 2

Every Breath

Hunter Street - Season 2

You're Beautiful

The Ludwigs - Season 3

The Spa

Allison Road


Creating Quality Content

It's not just about creating something, its about creating something worth watching. Every day thousands of videos and shows flood the channels, both on- and offline. How do you make something which stands out?

I can help you or your business in developing creative concepts, interesting narratives and compelling stories which I can then direct or supervise until the final product is ready to become the succes it deserves to be.


Do you need a creative concept or want to have a unique format?
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