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With a background in media psychology, I'm an international awardwinning writer / director who specializes in creating unique visual stories for both creative and commercial purposes with a focus on crossmedia. Here's a selection of projects I'm proud to have worked on.

Hunter Street - Season 2

De Ludwigs - Op Jacht naar de Stenen Schat

De Spa

Top 2000 - Short Films

Allison Road

These Dirty Words

Enemy Within

TMG - Event 2016



Verborgen Verhalen - NPO3

Wist Je Dat? - RTL4

Niets Meer

Roos Kamerloos Seizoen 2

Coolblue Commercials

TopiaTrainer Commercial

3Lab - LifeHack

Heart's Medicine 2: Time to Heal

Sanquin Viral

Philips VR Experience

Ruben & de idioten - AVRO / TROS

NS Promo

Nintendo Wii U

FC Baard

Creating Quality Content

It's not just about creating something, its about creating something worth watching. Every day thousands of videos and shows flood the channels, both on- and offline. How do you make something which stands out?

I can help you or your business in developing creative concepts, interesting narratives and compelling stories which I can then direct or supervise until the final product is ready to become the succes it deserves to be.


Do you need a creative concept or want to have a unique format?
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